Which Insulation?

My lorry has an aluminium roof, 7/8″ thick mahogany walls, and a plywood floor. My thinking has been that the walls might be thick enough to be adequately insulative, so long as all draughty gaps were filled, without extra insulation, adding extra weight to the vehicle, expense to me, and a surface over my lovely mahog. The floor and roof, however, need insulation. For the floor, I was lucky enough to come by some free rockwool, and have laid an inch of rockwool between ply boards. The workshop floor, the biggest expanse, will have thick rubber matting over it, too. The ceiling was more of an issue. I wanted to rigidify the roof a little, to discourage the joins from breaking their seals and letting in water. I felt that spray foam would be the best insulation for the job. The caveats are obvious: it goes everywhere, and contains isocyanates (whose poison the inhabitants of Bhopal are still suffering from). However, I don’t think anything else would have worked so well. I bought standard spray foam, but this really doesn’t do, and was a waste of money. I then bought the proper stuff, which comes in two containers with a mixing gun. It did go everywhere, and I should have covered and masked off much more than I did. It’s horrid stuff. And £200-worth of it only covered most of the ceiling, so I’ve had to resort to filling gaps with rockwool, which, as I had suspected, is far from ideal. I am trying to compile data on the U- or R-values of different insulation materials, as there doesn’t seem to be much of it about.


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