My windscreen was smashed

Last month my lorry was for a few days parked in the local church car park, a bit of field given by a generous farmer.  The summer before last, the lorry spent weeks there, with no problem. But one night in February someone smashed in the windscreen. It was no accident and there was no sign of any murder weapon. The windscreen looked like this.

There were no footprints or any other evidence – nothing that the nice policeman who came out could do. Unsurprisingly. Autoglass were fabulous, however – unphased by a TK windscreen, they fitted it a couple of days later.

The damage was a mere nuisance; nothing was taken. But the really comforting thing about the whole affair was how shocked and mystified the villagers have been. Nothing like that happens here. On the crime rate website, the village manages to stump up one crime. This episode has been a very weird blip.



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