Insurance – computer says ‘no’…

Trying to get insurance for the Hawksbox has been an arduous and protracted process. I spent two days on the phone to various insurance agencies. The conversations ran something like this:

I have a mobile home.

-Is it over 3.5 tons?




-Did you convert it yourself?




-Do you drive it to work?




I have a mobile workshop. Can you insure it?


I have tools in it and furniture.

-Oh. No, then.

What about my garden shed?

-Oh yes, that’s fine. We’ll insure that as a workshop.

But my garden shed is made of flimsy wood with three very accessible windows. My lorry has inch-thick mahogany, no windows reachable from the ground and locks on all the doors.

-It’s got wheels. It counts as a vehicle. So, no.

Hmmm. There are loads of insurance agencies but only half-a-dozen underwriters, and so in effect all agencies are the same. By the umpteenth agency, you’ve probably exhausted all 6 underwriters, so it’s not worth the phone bill trying more. In the end, I insured the vehicle with NFU Mutual as a horsebox, because they said they didn’t mind if I transported furniture rather than horses. I’ve not insured my contents yet…



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2 responses to “Insurance – computer says ‘no’…

  1. Simon French

    Hi Katie
    Try a trade organisation for insurance of tools etc as they understand better
    eg bifra

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