Oh no!  I can feel my heart-rate quickening, my blood-pressure rising.  It’s time to let off steam with a JOLLY GOOD RANT.

My mum’s got to Switch Over in November.  That’s ok for her, really, because we’ve already bought her a digibox, and she doesn’t record programmes these days, anyway.  But if she did, she’d need a new dvd player as well as the digibox.  Or a new telly.  I’m not given to conspiracy theories, but this is definitely a conspiracy – an economic one, meant to make us purchase more stuff and thus keep the retail economy buoyant.  What I object to is the ‘you’ve got to update all your gadgetry but we (the government wot are making you do this) aren’t going to help you financially at all.’  It’s like lightbulbs.  WHY did we go over to ‘energy-saving’ lightbulbs?  They do use less electricity, but they are less energy-efficient to produce and require MERCURY.  How the hell do we dispose of them?  We’re not allowed to throw them away.  Oh no:  we have to take them to a special place.  Like we’ve all got time.  Dream on.   They’ll go in the landfill and ooze horrid heavy metals and slowly poison our soil.  Great idea, chaps.

So.  The digital switchover is apparently to give us a better picture.  Just like energy-saving lightbulbs give us better light??

And don’t get me onto the forthcoming (or ‘upcoming’ in ghastly modern US parlance) switchover to digital radio.  The reception ain’t as good – and the interference is unlistenable-to, unlike the mildly annoying FM interference.  Parts of the British Isles can’t get digital, a FACT which the government and associated conspirators deny.  Digital appliances use more electricity.  The electricity saved by, erm, energy-saving lightbulbs.

Wailings and gnashing of teeth.

Aaaah.  That’s better.  Blood pressure normal again.  Until I think about the European Parliament (see next rant).


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