How is it physically possible for an almost fully-grown border collie to get out of a cat-flap?

My father found one out of the two dogs that he’d locked in the annex, Henry, lying patiently in his basket. The other was not to be seen. The door to the house and the door to the garden were both locked, as were the windows. Dad unlocked the garden door. On the garden side was Jim. On further inspection, dad found the three bricks which I’d put temporarily to block the ex-cat-flap hole dislodged.


Surely even his skull is bigger than that.

(My only worry is that he’s on high nervine sedatives at the moment, and so I fear that he can’t really feel pain.)

If anyone with a better understanding of canine physiology can explain how he did it…

Post script, March 2012.  My beloved Jim has been put down.  His epilepsy was not improving, and he had suspected brain damage.  That was a very special dog, and I’m very sad.


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