Superstorm Sandy and Special Relationships

We’ve had coverage ad nauseam about how Americans have been bravely coping without electricity after Sandy stormed up the East Coast.  I had to turn my radio off yesterday lunchtime when the World at One went into an extensive item about how one woman had been without power for (oh, the trauma of it) three days.  80 people have been killed.

Sandy hit the Caribbean first, killing 70 people and wrecking huge parts of many islands.

I heard no report about this on Radio 4, nor read any report on it in the Grauniad.

A Jamaican friend of mine said that her cousins’ roof was ripped off, but they were quite lucky.  She also pointed out that Jamaicans had been a lot more helpful to and had a much better relationship with Britain than America, and yet the British media were all over America during this storm and didn’t mention Jamaica at all.

But America has a forthcoming (or should that be ‘upcoming’?) media-tastic election that’s costing more than the GDP of many Caribbean states put together.

Besides, people in the Caribbean don’t really count, do they?  After all, they’re only blacks.


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