Police commissioners

I was going to spoil my ballot paper yesterday, but instead I didn’t get around to voting at all.  There were just too many other things to do, things that actually matter.

I’m amused that between 13 and 20% of people voted.  I think that’s a pretty unequivocal comment that this idea of elected police commissioners is silly.  So, dear politicians, don’t give us the ballocks that the low turnout was due to its being November or that there was inadequate publicity.  Please accept that it’s just a bad idea, and perhaps apologise for wasting so much public money on it.


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One response to “Police commissioners

  1. anna

    I agree – I received my polling notice, thought it was a stupid thing to vote for, forgot, and then when I remembered was going to spoil ballot in protest with something like ‘This Is Silly’ but was too late…

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