Memento mori

In the last month, two dear friends have died, one human and one canine; both youthful despite their years.  The first was Ann, whose beautifully written obituary is here.  She was not only intelligent but good humoured – in every way.  She was a witty observer of people, and saw the humour in them and their situations.  She was never cross; she never flapped or panicked.  She glid like a swan on the water, but she never pedalled hard underneath.


The other friend was Wooster, my father’s aged border collie.  A bouncy, annoying pup; a faithful and fun hound; a dear old boy, three weeks off his 15th birthday.  With such a sweet, loving nature, it’s hard to think of him being a domesticated wolf – even if he looked like one.


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  1. anna

    Dear Wooster. And what a lovely obituary for Ann. I’m particularly intrigued by the top-secret book of comic verse – what a find. I hope the family now has a copy 😀

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