IT in schools

If we are to produce the next generation of computer buffs, I feel that schools should

1) teach touch-typing (primary schools)

2) have Linux-based computer software – not Windows or Mac.

Linux has a number of advantages over Microsoft and Apple.  First, it’s free – and, Lord knows, schools need to save money.  Secondly, it is relatively easy-to-use even if you’re a complete computer duffer, like me.  (I have to look up on the internet or phone a friend on how to install anything, etc.)  But if you know something about computer code, Linux is your oyster.  Because it’s open-source, pupils with a facility for computer stuff can actually contribute to real-life programs (ticking all the pc boxes about student empowerment).

Why are schools locked into two American multinational companies when a wonderful co-operative is out there?


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