I’m just listening to Costing the Earth (again) – it’s the episode on ‘Future Forests’ – you’ll find a link to it on the False Economy post.  Dr Gerry Douglas is currently saying that the EU trade laws are ‘not fit for purpose’.  He’s quite right, of course.  They really highlight the change in human society from one of subsistence to one of manufacturing.

The freedom of trade which has opened borders within the European continent is fine for manufactured goods, but disastrous, as we’re now finding – although anyone could have predicted it, really – for living things.  We still let the transportation of animal livestock, which is appallingly cruel, makes for bad meat and wastes a lot of fuel.  As for plants, you can take what you like where you like, no questions asked.  No examination of what microscopic nasties might be on the specimens; nothing.

We must, oh but must, review EU trade laws.  The EU must become an organisation above economics – it must be a guardian of the health of Europe, whatever the economic cost.


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