Country Life and GM

I was rather astounded to read thundering applause for GM in the last issue of Country Life.  Apparently, this is not the first time that CL has shown it to be pro-GM (see here).  In this issue, CL reported the rantings of one Mark Lynas, a man who seems to be more concerned with his own ambitions and image than facts and thinking. Here is a rebuttal and explanation of Lynas’ arguments (if that’s what they can be called).

It seems extraordinary that Country Life should be fighting for this one.  Are they really in favour of putting more agricultural power in the hands of a few big multinational, and foreign-owned, chemical companies?  Are they really in favour of encouraging damaging crop monoculturalisation?  Are they really in favour of potentially jeopardising our entire eco-system?  (They seem to believe that there’s no evidence that GM is harmful:  even if that were the case, there is no evidence that it is not harmful, and so we should err on the side of caution.)

GM is not conventional hybridisation and breeding sped up.  It’s something completely different, and will necessarily have unforeseen effects.  We’ve recently been seeing the disastrous and unforeseen effects of importing so much foreign flora:  spores and insects have been taken from one eco-system and plonked in another which has no experience of them and has not evolved to cope with them.  The environment needs time to adapt to changes in its natural world.  GMOs will change things too far and too fast.

Country Life, stop being air-headed and get real.


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  1. Anna

    It’s about money, of course. Check the adverts and the business connections of the people mentioned in tiny print at the front. Besides, a magazine that still features the Girls in Pearls has a very long way to go before it gets real about anything important…

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