DIY and Male and Female Brains

Apparently, women don’t do spatial awareness, which is why they can’t park or go through chicanes.  Rubbish, quoth my bro:  it’s confidence.  Women aren’t expected or encouraged to park or go through chicanes, so they already feel nervous when doing so.  Women’s spatial awareness issues are a self-fulfilling prophecy.  As my friend Pickett says, women have to have a good sense of spatial awareness so that they know how far the sabre-toothed tiger or bear-wolf is away from their offspring while they’re all out gathering.  For similar reasons, women should have an innate sense of load-bearing structures (so that they can tell their children which trees to climb – or which to climb themselves), and, having had literally to make homes, they should be intuitive DIYers.

In my experience, there is no difference between male and female in the world of the DIY jobber.  It’s a matter, chiefly, of confidence.  I know women who are excellently practical (I myself could shelve for England), and several men who I wouldn’t let near a drill-driver and who get very baffled by IKEA flatpacks.  Why should men have to be practical?  Why should they be viewed as failures if they are not?  Let’s accept that there are practical people, male and female, and – let’s say – cerebral people, male and female.


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