Woman’s Hour and feminism

I don’t think I can bear to listen to the Woman’s Hour phone-in on ‘what does feminism mean to you?’  The photo on the website is bad enough:  some slim, perfectly-skinned, young woman holding a red – or is it pink? – female sign, wearing a high-armed, fashionably-cut top. Eugh.  I find WH’s attitude to feminism shallow and slightly repulsive anyway.  A programme can feature some top-flight woman talking about why there aren’t more top-flight women and the next piece will be something on high heels or make-up or cup cakes or childbirth.  Jenni Murray’s attitude in her interview with Helen Kennedy was a case in point.  Kennedy pointed out that women are just as analytical as men, which, surely, is the basis of a good judge.  Then Murray steered her into what difference a woman judge has made to particular cases – i.e. her being a woman, and not merely a good judge.  This really is not relevant.  However, Kennedy talks about different perspectives, and that is a good point, for men often don’t realise the social skew that women face:  it is the experience of women rather than the brainpower of women that is relevant here.  But the question rather hinted at women having certain things men don’t – feminine intuition perhaps?  We need women at the top of the legal profession because women make up half the population and we want the best people at the top, whichever sex they are.


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