S is for Shakespeare (and B is for Bible)

Following my last rambling waffle, here are some Shakespearean ’tec titles.

Agatha Christie:

  • Sad Cypress (Twelfth Night)
  • Death Comes as the End (is this Julius Caesar?)
  • Taken at the Flood (Julius Caesar)

Cyril Hare:

  • He should have died hereafter (MacBeth – ‘she should…’)
  • With a bare bodkin (Hamlet)

Josephine Tey:

  • To Love and be Wise

Margery Allingham

  • Look to the Lady (MacBeth)

Michael Innes:

  • Hamlet, Revenge! (Hamlet)

And here are some Biblical ones:


  • Evil Under the Sun (Ecclesiastes)
  • The Pale Horse (Revelation)


  • Clouds of Witness (Paul)
  • Thrones, Dominations (not explicit anywhere, but…)

There are many, many more, but I’ve run out of puff.


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