Let’s hope there’s no EU referendum

I fear that Britain could slide out of the EU without any care and attention.  If we have a referendum, it’s likely that the swivel-eyes will stage a more charismatic campaign than the Europhiles will.  And all they have to do, really, is to point out that we put more money into the EU than we get out of it.

Why can’t we get it into our tiny minds that we are Europeans and that Europe is our home?  And that Europe treats us vastly better than our stroppy teenage spoilt brat of a child across the Pond.  If we want more money from the EU, we have to work at getting it.  For example, the EU doles out whacking loads of development money for helping regenerate towns:  we’re letting this go because we can’t sort out our priorities.  Academic co-operation with European institutions brings in lots of funding, as well as good brains.

If we want more from Europe, we have to put more – not money, but enthusiasm – in.  If we want out of Europe, we might as well sign our suicide notes now.



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