Corporate responsibility

There will be rants ad infinitum on this one (apologies in advance), but this one comes from an interesting File on Four (I love BBC podcasts) about cyber spying.  This was from 2011, so way before the delicious Snowden revelations.

A British company sold spying software to the Bahrain government.  When asked by the reporter about this, a spokesman said that they had realised that the Bahrain government was up to no good (surely they knew this before – everyone else did, after all) and had stopped trading through this branch of the business.  Aha, you may think, this is ethical corporate behaviour:  “we’ve stopped doing the bad thing that we were doing.”  But not a bit of it.  The firm sold this branch off.  So the software and hardware are still being made; this company has merely devolved moral responsibility onto some other company and made a tidy profit in the process.



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