Spineless society

Lots of interesting things on PM today – not the Tory conference, although Eddie Mair’s interview with Theresa May was amusing.  There was an article on neo-serfdom in the Fens.  A police officer said ‘this doesn’t affect our crime figures, as no-one really reports these things, but it’s still morally wrong.’  Hello, target-driven culture.  Morally wrong? Certainly is.  Also illegal.  What have crime stats to do with it?

Then there was an article on a gallery in Birmingham which had put pieces of paper over the tits and bums of a couple of female nudes painted by a local artist.  This was in response to a complaint from an Asian teacher who’d taken her class there.  She didn’t, apparently, object to the dangly bits on the male nude.  The two interviewees, including the artist, were rather dull, and neither got to the point that this complaint was typical of the narrow-minded sexism that marks Islam.  The gallery should have told the teacher to grow up and welcomed her to Britain, where we got over nudity in art quite a few years ago, and got over the whole ‘women should cover themselves up because of men’s lustful gaze’ even more years ago.


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