Apple frolics

The apple crop has been overwhelmingly good.  The cart bay is full of apples – there’s no room for Amanda the Volvo, Ernie the Morris or Betty the Tractor.  And that’s after an afternoon spent pressing 20 gallons of juice, all now belching away to make (we hope) cider.

IMG_1882 Here’s the press in action.  I made this press out of untreated oak sleepers.  The juice tray still needs work on it – it’s not perfect.  You put the scrattings (the cut-up apple) into cheesecloths, put slats between each ‘cheese’, and, when youIMG_1883‘ve enough, press.  The press mechanism here is a bottle jack.  I’ll put a screw in sometime.

And here is a flattering arse-side view of some scratters – Andrew roughly cutting apples and Jon about to load the scratter, which is like a garden shredder.

I must reform the tray – another batch is, um, pressing…


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