The manifold wonders of the Esse

We have a new woodburning Esse.  She has been christened the Soup Dragon:  warm, comforting and dishing out good soup, we are blissfully forgetting what life was like before her.

The kitchen is now warm.  People sit in here and read the papers. I’m doing my computer work in here! Tea never goes cold – who needs a tea cosy when you have a warm stove surface?  You can warm your arse as you wait for the kettle to boil, too.  I’ve just made a herbal concoction on her, in an effort to shift a cold.  (It’s disgusting:  thyme, sage, feverfew, hyssop.  Very bitter.)  I’m going to put a piece of bread on the hotplate – as easy as toast.

In the morning, I have proper coffee from a proper espresso coffee pot.  Admittedly, this takes about half an hour, because, having rekindled the slumbering fire, you have to wait for the massive lump of iron to warm up.  (Some less patient people have had recourse to the electric kettle first thing.)  I haven’t yet worked out how to grill cheese on a Welsh rarebit, and my cake was a bit awful the other day.

She’s used up less fuel than we expected.  We get through a couple of log baskets a day, which ain’t bad – and they’re quite small logs.

The Esse is definitely a Good Thing.  (More than can be said for the instruction manuals, which are really terrible.)


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