The Russians are Crooks

WHY do we let shady Russian ‘businessmen’ buy London mansions?  Not just does it help crank up the London house price (few born-and-bred Londoners can dream of living there any more) but the money sunk into bricks and mortar (the insides of these places having been gutted, for that trendy, minimalist feel) is probably crooked.  If not actual crims, these Russian oligarchs are at best vampiric opportunists, who paid enough backhanders to the corrupt ex-Soviet officialdom to buy businesses which now are making loadsamoney.  We also subsidise these crims Russians in our law courts, when they’re suing each other to prove how much more wealthy one is or how much money one’s stolen from another.  Ok, they have to pay barristers’ fees, but who pays for the judges’ time and for the court administrators, cleaners, etc?  The British taxpayer.  Which of these monstrous Russians pays UK tax?  I’d love to know.

Meanwhile, the Russians have banged up two of our people for doing a foolhardy thing, but for a worthy cause – trying to save a part of the planet that we haven’t yet wrecked.  As Mary Kenny said, we shouldn’t be digging any more of the earth up.  But hey, who gives a shit about the planet when you can get enough money to buy yourself a golden yacht and a house in London and enough girls for every night of the year?  The spineless Cameron should have immediately frozen the assets (these London houses) of every Russian crookster in Britain and used it as leverage to get our fellows out.  At the risk of dying by the sword, perhaps we need to meet like with like.

The latest news is that Putin has offered the Ukrainians a massive fuel bribe to stop them signing up to the EU.  WHY do we have ANY dealings with Russia?  Cutting down our contact with the Mother of Corruption is one heck of a reason why we need renewable energy.

And now we’re encouraging the Chinese into London on a large scale – an empire of a different sort of moral dubiety.


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