Skipping justice – the death of freegans?

Three men are being prosecuted for taking some food from an Iceland skip.  Yes, really.  You can read about it here:

I’m glad Tesco didn’t arrest me for taking a box of deliciously black bananas from their bins, giving me fried banana for breakfast several mornings running.  Note that they’re being prosecuted under the 1824 Vagrancy Act, presumably the bit that says ‘every person being found in or upon any dwelling house, warehouse, coach-house, stable, or outhouse, or in any inclosed yard, garden, or area, for any unlawful purpose’.  Given that it also says that anyone sleeping on the streets should be arrested, I can’t help thinking that the police would have done better to have had three homeless men in their cells overnight rather than three who already had roofs over their heads.

Taking things from skips without permission is stealing – unbelievably, the stuff you chuck away still belongs to you, until it hits landfill, when it becomes council property.

We have to re-think this one and make rubbish bins a legal no-man’s land.  Food waste, and any other sort, is far more criminal than skip-raiding.




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One response to “Skipping justice – the death of freegans?

  1. anna

    How about making the offense throwing away tons of good food in the first place? Why are supermarkets not *required* to have in place some collection and distribution system? because said system doesn’t exist, because there are so many sell-by regs and besides the government would like the ‘problem’ (hungry people) to disappear… but see for instance Daily Bread in Toronto.

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