It’s depressing that something quite so wrong-headed can be not only discussed but encouraged by the government and parliament.

1) Who cares if a businessman can get to Birmingham or London half-an-hour sooner?  Why the hell are they travelling anyway?  Skype it or stay at home.  We need to travel less if we are to get anywhere near the carbon cuts that we need to reach in order to survive in anything like a continuing society or even race…

2) Why do we need to provide yet another spoke to London?  Apparently this HS2 will mean more business in the midlands and north west.  Bollocks.  It’ll just mean more commutable areas to London, with resultant rising house prices, etc.

3) Why do we need to batter our wildlife even more?  It’s bad enough with all these extra houses which we ‘need’ (more bollocks:  between empty homes and getting northerners and Scots back up north, we really have all the homes we need already), but HS2 will destroy ancient woodland and slice wildlife corridors.  We are not the only species in Britain, and we can’t survive without all of the other ones.

Aaaaaaaaaaargh.  When will Economics be seen for what it is:  unsustainable hogwash?


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