Scottish Independence

I’m awfully afeared that the Scots will vote for independence, simply because humans have an inbuilt propensity for making bad decisions.  Fiona Laird’s article in the Grauniad today (April 30th) was stonking, pointing out that we have to divorce Scottish independence from short-term politics:  it’s forever, not like voting for the next 5-year government.

Tom Heap’s programme on Scotland’s power suggested that English/ Welsh fuel bills would see a sharp spike if the Scots detach themselves, as we’ll have to pay for new nuclear power stations (WHY does anyone think building new nuclears is a good idea?????), whereas much of the renewables infrastructure is already underway in Scotland, and renewables are cheaper to build, anyway.  (I think I got that right.)  In effect, we’re paying for Scotland’s past fuel consumption, because the Scots used the same sources as every other Brit and the decommissioning and recommissioning of power stations is all our expense.  No doubt there are other cases like this:  the rest of the UK will have to foot the bill, while the Scots go free.

If this is the case, surely Scottish independence should be voted on by every UK citizen?


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