It’s a mothtery

This is the loveliest time of the year.  Everything is bursting with life, and the moths have started flying.  I’m just getting into moths, thanks to Jon’s moth trap, which is a strong light with a basin underneath, in which you leave old egg boxes overnight.  In the morning, your egg boxes are covered with moths.

Then you spend the next three days trying to identify just which brown thing that one is.  A combination of the Lewington moth book, and Sussex Moth Group helps.  We’re sticking to the macro moths – micro moths are a whole other universe.

So far, in April and May, we have seen:

(April) Pebble prominent, Pale prominent, Spruce carpet, Hebrew character, Common Quaker, White ermine, Chocolate tip, Birch mocha, Yellow horned, Lunar marbled brown, Scorched carpet, Swallow prominent and several unidentified brown jobs.

(May) Great prominent, Cinnabar, White ermine, Chocolate tip, Poplar hawkmoth (aka Klingon Warhawk), Poplar grey, Ingrailed clay, Common (or possibly Powdered) Quaker, Flame shoulder, Miller, Muslin, Waved umber, Scorched wing, Blood vein, and several unidentified brown jobs.  

Here are some.

Here are some I can’t identify.


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